Carpet Care

professional carpet cleaning clearwaterRoutine Carpet Care Maintenance

  1. Vacuum at least 3 times per week during your carpet cleaning routine. Average room of carpet is hiding 8 lbs of dirt.
  2. Blot up spot immediately. With a clean cloth, blot and do not rub! Rubbing will only make the spot worse.
  3. Use spotter given to you by Son Bright Diversified and follow instructions on label. This is a good carpet cleaning practice.
  4. If no spotter, use white vinegar and soda water a 50/50 mix.
  5. If stain persists call Son Bright Diversified.

Carpet Care – Spot Cleaning

There are as many ways to clean carpet as there are fibers, you don’t want to clean an olefin carpet (ie: berbers) with the same method as a nylon and you don’t clean a nylon the same as polyester. Also, the customer needs to be aware that some store bought carpet cleaners (ie: resolve spot shot etc.) will actually void the guarantee that comes with your carpet so you must be careful! You may be creating more problems than you know! The best method to clean a spot on the carpet is the spotter that your tech will leave behind. After you have removed any hard substance from the spot, blot to remove the top layer of substance. Then take a small amount of neutral cleaner and apply. Blot the stain with a white terry cloth towel. If you have no more carpet cleaner and Son Bright can’t replace it in a timely manner then a 50 % mixture of white vinegar and 50% soda water may be used. As with any stain caution must be used so feel free to call us with any questions.

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