Choosing (and Maintaining) Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning Clearwater Fl Tile Cleaning Clearwater Fl, Grout Cleaning Clearwater FlDoes your kitchen “pop”? Does your bathroom “wow”?  While you focus on expensive new cabinets and windows, you may be missing an inexpensive way to make a big improvement in their appearance for very little money: your grouting. Grout coloring used to be an afterthought, but today it is considered part of an overall tiling design. Consider changing the grout for a new look for 2018.

Top Trends for 2018

In general, the most conservative approach is to match the grouting color to the predominate tile color while a less conservative approach is to choose a lighter or contrasting grout color to highlight the layout of floor tiles without creating discord. Here are a few the designers are eyeing for this year:

High Contrast

Contrasting or complementary colors highlight the geometric pattern of tiles and add an extra element of style to the room. If you choose black tiles, grey or near-black grouting may make the tiles look too black. In this case, white grouting might be the perfect solution. The same principle applies to any plain colored tile; the addition of an opposing grout color can add drama and excitement to the tiled surface.

Or choose plain white for your kitchen walls and highlight with an unusual pattern. A distinctive color, like teal or orange, magnifies the drama. Be creative, choose a color that ties in with your countertops or another kitchen color you want to highlight

Or don’t contrast

On the other hand, you may have chosen a large format tile for your bathroom walls because you loved the design of the tiles. An opposing grout color might distract from the tile pattern. In this case, choosing a color that closely matches the background color of your tiles might be better to let the tiles shine.

Funk it up with color

If you have lived with white tiles for years but you wish you had chosen more dramatic tiles, an upgrade of color can be the answer, adding just the right amount of freshness to your walls. If you’re going with a trendy hexagonal tile or an unusually shaped geometric tile, why not take quirky up another level with a turquoise grout? It looks equally good with light tiles or dark and could be really fun in a family bathroom. If you’re not feeling that brave, why not try it in a cloakroom where it’s not as big a risk.

The seamless look

The other end of the scale is to make it look like there’s hardly any grout showing; use very large tiles fitted very tightly together to create a modern, polished, high-end look. The 12×24 inch tiles will continue to be popular.

You can’t beat a subway tile

Subway tiles are also still extremely popular but individualize them with your grout choices. For example, dark grout really makes white tiles pop and creates either a cool industrial vibe or can modernize a traditional scheme.

Now Keep it Looking Great

Common tile grout is a cement-based product that’s mixed into a spreadable paste with plain water. The cement content makes grout porous, which means liquids seep in if they’re not cleaned up right away. Liquids with color, such as fruit juice, tea, and coffee, leave their color embedded in the grout once the liquid evaporates, resulting in deep-set stains. Grout sealers protect against stains by either coating or penetrating, and some guard against water infiltration. Although bleach can lighten some stains, it’s not a fail-safe method for keeping grout looking new. Oils also seep in, and removing those stains may require chipping out the old grout and replacing it.

Grout sealer works as the name implies: It either a.) seeps into the grout and protects or b.) forms a film or barrier on the surface. Both help repels water and stains from grease infiltration. And since grout is porous, there is more lurking inside and sometimes under the grout. Killing mold and mildew is a challenge once they’ve gained a foothold so keep out moisture.

Choosing a Cleaning Partner

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