Maintain Your Area Rug

Maintain Your Area Rugs

It doesn’t matter whether your area rug is an heirloom, an expensive piece that uses exotic materials, or a comfy wool or cotton piece that you just love the feel of. Any rug at all is a part of your home, and it represents an investment that is best protected. Are you looking for the best tips to maintain your area rug? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Area Rug

When you properly maintain your area rug you can expect ten, fifteen years of good service life. On the flip side, an area rug that is subject to constant traffic and abuse can last as little as a year or two. When you maintain your area rug you are adding years to its life, and keeping it looking its best.

It’s also important to note that fabrics of any kind, and especially those found on the floor, harbor some of the highest concentrations of air pollutants in your entire home. This can lead to terrible indoor air quality. So, when you maintain your area rug, you are working to maintain healthy air in your home, too.

Maintain Your Area Rug with Consistent General Cleaning

If you really want to maintain your area rug, nothing works better than consistency. Developing a weekly cleaning schedule will go a very long way in keeping your rugs looking their best for as long as possible. Maintain your rugby doing these things:

  • Air out your rugs – Taking your rugs outside for a good shake-off removes larger particles of dust and debris, making your cleaning job far easier. If your rugs are a bit musty, hanging them in the sun for a short while can go a long way in helping to remove odors.
  • Vacuum weekly to maintain your area rug – A regular vacuuming schedule keeps dirt and dust from getting deep into your rugs, which will maintain your area rug and add years of life to it better than nearly anything else.
  • Inspect for problems – When rugs begin to unravel, or the backing wears out, they become substantially harder to maintain. Replace them as they wear down and take on damage, or have more expensive pieces repaired.

In-Depth Area Rug Cleaning is Important to Maintain Your Area Rug

Even mild soaps and steamers can do damage if used too often, so it is ideal to perform in-depth area rug cleaning once every six months unless you have many pets. During this time you should utilize whatever method works best for your rug’s maintenance needs. Some can be machine washed, which will be noted on its tag. Others, particularly those made of natural fibers (cotton, jute, wool), are best cleaned by hand using mild soap and a brush.

To maintain your area rug properly be sure to dry the area rug completely before setting it back in place. Damp area rugs collect dust like magnets and can also develop mold.

Calling on Professionals for Optimal Results

For issues like area rug stains, your biannual area rug cleaning in Tampa, and for the care of very delicate area rugs, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Qualified area rug cleaning experts carry commercial-grade tools, comprehensive knowledge of how to care for all material types, and the trained eye needed to assess the needs of your particular rug. Plus, you save yourself time and the stress of potentially damaging your rug instead of maintaining your area rug.

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