Maintain Your Area Rug

Maintain Your Area Rugs It doesn’t matter whether your area rug is an heirloom, an expensive piece that uses exotic materials, or a comfy wool or cotton piece that you just love the feel of. Any rug at all is a part of your home, and it represents an investment that is best protected. Are […]


Is it Time to Replace Your Countertops?

Good quality kitchen countertops will last a while, but you should be aware of the telltale signs it’s time for a replacement. Countertop Stains or Burns You Can No Longer Remove Over time, your countertop may begin to accumulate stains and burn marks that just won’t go away. No matter how much you scrub or […]


What You Can and Cannot Pressure Wash

Hundreds of YouTube videos prove that few things are more satisfying than watching all that dirt and gunk get pressure washed right off a driveway. But, what else can be pressure washed? And what should absolutely not be blown to bits with the power of water? What Should Be Pressure Washed When pressure washing a […]


When it’s Time to Hire Professional Cleaners

It’s understandable to think you should have a DIY approach when it comes to cleaning your own home, but it’s always good to have help! A clean home can seem unattainable for many families for a variety of reasons. If any of the following apply to you, it’s high time you give us a call: […]

Choosing kid safe flooring

Kid-Friendly Flooring

Little ones spend a lot of time on floors, crawling, playing, and eventually, walking. Any parent would want to take into consideration the best and safest type of floor for their little explorers. If you are renovating a room in your home to make it more child-friendly, here are some floor options to consider. Carpet […]


Spring Cleaning: Deep Cleaning Tile and Carpet

Floors come in a wide array of choices, but tile and carpet remain tried and true favorites among homeowners. Regardless of which type you have in your home, some form of maintenance and cleaning is required and this Spring we want to make you sure give your tile or carpet floor a thorough Spring Deep […]


Pressure Washing Benefits

Outside elements can really take a toll on the exterior of your home, prematurely aging it and ruining its overall look. Over time, you may notice your paint looks duller than it used to or your driveway is a grimy mess. Routine pressure washing will not only make for a prettier looking home, but a […]


Different Natural Stones and Their Benefits

Although any natural stone is sure to enhance your home, not all are created equal and each type offers something truly unique. Let’s look into the most popular types of natural stone, granite, marble, limestone, and slate, to see the benefits each can bring to your home. Granite The most popular natural stone choice for […]

Tile and Grout Cleaning Clearwater Fl, Tile Cleaning Clearwater Fl, Grout Cleaning Clearwater Fl

Choosing (and Maintaining) Grout

Does your kitchen “pop”? Does your bathroom “wow”?  While you focus on expensive new cabinets and windows, you may be missing an inexpensive way to make a big improvement in their appearance for very little money: your grouting. Grout coloring used to be an afterthought, but today it is considered part of an overall tiling […]

Natural Stone Cleaning St Petersburg, Natural Stone Cleaning Pinellas County

Do’s and Don’ts of Natural Stone Cleaning

Utilizing the look and appeal of natural stone such as granite, limestone, marble, travertine, and so forth is a great way to boost the appeal and look of your home. To keep that lookup, it’s important to know how to keep your natural stones clean and looking great. Follow the “do’s and don’ts” below to keep […]

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