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Tile & Grout Cleaning: 3 Reasons to Hire Pros

Tile is among the most popular features in homes today, especially in hot climates like Clearwater! It’s pretty unlikely to watch an episode of House Hunters and not see the tile in a house, or a couple will complain that a house doesn’t have tile in places where they’d like to see it. Tile is […]

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What is natural stone?

Natural stone is made completely from the earth, mostly drawn directly from the sides of mountains. However, it does have to be refined down into tiles and slabs for ready architectural use. While these materials do have a lot in common, there are some subtle characteristics that set them apart when used in various environments. […]

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Tile & Grout Care

Tile is becoming a very popular choice for homes these days. Not only do tile and grout increase the aesthetics and value of the property, tile and grout can be cleaned with relative each, provided some basic steps are followed. Your tile and grout should be sealed with an impenetrable tile grout sealer, this will prevent anything spilled […]

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Hardwood Floor Care

Information on hardwood floor care and cleaning by Son Bright Diversified, Inc. Tampa Bay Areas. When in doubt about cleaning your hardwood floors, Call Son Bright Diversified, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida Hardwood floors can be kept beautiful for years with proper care. Dust mopping to remove dry particulate soil is essential in keeping your investment looking nice. For the […]

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Area Rug Care

Some area rugs are made of olefin and nylon and can be cleaned and cared for with the same methods as your carpet that is wall to wall (see carpet care). Some area rugs however are made of cotton, Haitian, silk, etc., so Do Not attempt to clean an area rug if you are unsure of the proper maintenance the area rug in […]

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Upholstery Care

Why upholstery care? All upholstered furniture becomes soiled with use. Most spills will clean easily on fabric that has been treated with Scotchgard™ Protector. If you chose not to purchase it, here are a few tips on upholstery care to help prevent any further damage. UPHOLSTERY CARE – UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE HINTS Upholstery care tip 1. Blot with a white […]

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Carpet Care

Routine Carpet Care Maintenance Vacuum at least 3 times per week during your carpet cleaning routine. Average room of carpet is hiding 8 lbs of dirt. Blot up spot immediately. With a clean cloth, blot and do not rub! Rubbing will only make the spot worse. Use spotter given to you by Son Bright Diversified and […]

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